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Hardware enterprises need to understand the EU hardware directive standards

AddDate: 2012-2-27

On August 4, the European Commission s non food rapid warning system (RAPEX) issued a consumer warning to the "BUMAC" brand electric hand tools produced in China. The reporting country of this case is Germany. The project number of electric hand tools involved in the notification is 22100002. It is reported that this time, the domestic electric tool was warned that there is a risk of electric shock when it is used because of its poor insulation. The electric tool poses a potential safety hazard to consumers.

The product does not comply with the relevant standard 60745-1 of EU Low Voltage Electrical Apparatus Directive. The German government has withdrawn the product from the market nationwide, and the importer has also withdrawn the product from the market. The European Commission accordingly issued a consumer warning for the product within the EU. Domestic hardware tool manufacturers and exporters should attach great importance to this.

Why are Chinese hardware enterprises warned to export electric tools to EU? The main reason is that enterprises lack understanding of EU hardware product directive standards.

Electrical Appliance Directive 60745-1 Standard European Union market specification standard for hardware and electric tools. Electric tools are the most widely used hardware tools in the whole society. With the progress of the times and society, the market for electric tools is developing rapidly. At the same time, various types of electric tools cause harm to consumers from time to time due to various quality problems. Therefore, countries around the world are increasingly demanding for electric tools in their own markets.

Many countries have established their own safety regulations for these products, and manufacturers must ensure that their products meet relevant standards before being sold in this region. The manufacturer must be responsible for accidents caused by production defects, poor design or improper material use. Therefore, Europe introduced the electrical appliance certification decree, which means that the 60745-1 standard is adopted to regulate the technical specifications of electric tool products entering the European market, so as to reduce or avoid.

Therefore, the author reminds the power tool manufacturers that before exporting to the European Union, all series of products of all specifications must pass the directive certification and be marked, and the products that are about to expire should apply for certification in time. In addition, enterprises need to make preparations in advance within the inspection time of electric tools. Enterprises need to accumulate experience in coping, and the products involved will be adjusted accordingly according to EU regulations, otherwise they will be eliminated from the market.

Moreover, the laws, regulations and standards on the safety of electric tools in the countries to which the enterprise tools are exported, such as the latest EU standards on electric tools; The product design and quality management personnel of the enterprise should be familiar with and understand the standards. When developing and designing products, they should not only consider the product modeling function, but also pay attention to the product safety performance according to the inspection standards of the country of shipment. Only when the designed product meets the inspection standards of the country to which it is sent can it have market value, otherwise, nothing can be said.

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