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How to keep the floor heating industry warm in winter

AddDate: 2012-2-27

How does the floor heating industry cope with the global economic crisis? At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Green Building Science and Technology Achievements Exchange and Promotion Conference, the reporter interviewed Liu Hao, Secretary General of the Ground Heating Committee of China Building Metal Structure Association.

Opportunities outweigh crises

"Crisis and opportunity coexist. Now the turnover of floor heating products has shrunk significantly, but it gives the floor heating industry a chance to reshuffle." Liu Hao said.

The 10 measures recently launched by the State Council to expand domestic demand and promote growth have provided strong support for the real estate industry in the downturn, and the floor heating industry will undoubtedly benefit from them.

"The rise and fall of the real estate industry determines the rise and fall of the floor heating industry. I am confident in China s real estate industry. The floor heating industry should have a clear understanding of the current real estate market, and should not lose confidence in the market, let alone be depressed.".

Standardize and eliminate hidden dangers

Liu Hao told reporters that ground heating originated in China, but developed in Europe and the United States. At present, there are 5000~8000 domestic ground heating enterprises, and nearly one million people work in this industry. Some people only see huge business opportunities, but ignore the risks, which has left many hidden dangers to the original non-standard floor heating market.

"In the future, we will make full use of the platform of Floor Heating Monthly to continuously improve various standards in the floor heating industry". Liu Hao revealed that in order to quickly promote the development of the floor heating industry, the committee also launched a scientific and educational film, "Comfort and Energy Saving Floor Heating", to give a scientific and systematic introduction to the floor heating industry, so as to make the floor heating knowledge deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Talents lead innovation

Liu Hao said that if there were no corresponding R&D institutions as a guarantee, the industry would lack competitiveness. Therefore, it is urgent for the industry to reserve talents.

Liu Hao said that the ground heating industry involves a wide range of products, such as heating lines, electric heating films, pipes, water collectors, thermal insulation materials, etc. They are also directly related to the vital interests of the masses. Therefore, while increasing R&D efforts, manufacturers must focus on brand building, which is inseparable from talent training.

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