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Comments on Shanghai Exhibition

AddDate: 2012-2-27

The four-day Shanghai Sanitary Ware Expo has ended. The most impressive thing about this exhibition is the diversity of publicity means. This exhibition in Shanghai is the largest one in China next to the Canton Fair, and it is a grand event for manufacturers and dealers every year. This year, during the Shanghai World Expo, manufacturers and distributors came from all over the world, and the number of exhibitors and visitors reached a record high.

In terms of products, it is felt that a famous brand or big brand has the highest attention, such as TOTO, Wrigley, Apollo, etc. Although there is no too strange publicity, the popularity is still very strong. Moreover, although the brand itself is not famous, its products are novel and unique, which are obviously different from competing products, and also have a high degree of attention, such as our floor drain.

In the decoration and exhibition arrangement, if it is not a big brand, it must be novel and unique in image to attract people. This is not only luxury, style and luxury can achieve the effect. For example, small bridges and flowing water, rockery willows, or grass house fences, water wheels and stone rollers give people a clear sense of coming back to nature, which is also consistent with the green environmental protection theme of the product.

I was most impressed by the diversity of means in publicity, including playing the piano, playing the violin, playing the drum, performing magic tricks, pretending to be Michael Jackson, wearing wedding dresses, wearing European noble clothes, wearing rubber dolls, and raising medals; There are free gifts (most of which are environmental bags), unlimited bottled water and limited handbags; However, the most popular place is still the demonstration of the beauty and three-point bathing suit matching the bathroom.

I think that the novelty and uniqueness of the products, the obvious differences and the competitive products, are the basis for attracting customers and consumers. Brand building on this basis is a long way to go!

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