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Zhejiang Xinxin Copper successfully participated in the exhibition

AddDate: 2012-2-27

Recently, China (Beijing) International Exhibition on Heating and Air Conditioning, Sanitary Ware, and Urban Construction Equipment and Technology was successfully held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. As a sanitary ware exhibition hall, Zhejiang Xinxin Copper Co., Ltd. successfully participated in the exhibition.

In this exhibition, Novelty Company exhibited more than 100 products in 22 series of four categories and released eight new products. It comprehensively demonstrated the manufacturing level and R&D strength of the novel copper industry. Through this exhibition, customers and dealers have a deep understanding of Novelty and have more trust and support for Novelty companies and products. The brand concept of "novel, make life healthier" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. With this as the corporate culture, the products displayed by the novel company have been unanimously praised by the industry and consumers!

During the three days from March 3 to March 5, the company s booth received thousands of guests and visitors. Many cooperation intentions were reached on site, and the exhibition was a complete success!

According to the sponsor, ISH China&CIHE China (Beijing) International Exhibition of Heating and Air Conditioning, Sanitary Ware and Urban Construction Equipment and Technology is one of the architectural technology exhibitions of Frankfurt Exhibition Company. The exhibition is jointly held by Frankfurt (Shanghai) Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Beijing Zhongzhuang Taiger Exhibition Co., Ltd The sanitary ware and urban construction equipment and technology exhibition and CIHE&HVAC China International Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Products and Technology Exhibition are combined into one. The English name of the exhibition is changed to ISH China&CIHE, and the Chinese name is "China (Beijing) International Heating and Air Conditioning, Sanitary Ware and Urban Construction Equipment and Technology Exhibition". The exhibition will be held once a year. This is the first one after the merger.

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