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The bronze valve series products of Zhejiang Xinxin Copper Co., Ltd. are on the market

AddDate: 2012-2-27

In this exhibition, the bronze valve series, another key product of the company, was successfully launched. This time, more than 100 products in five series, namely bronze gate valve, bronze stop valve, bronze filter valve, bronze check valve and bronze ball valve, will be exhibited.

The bronze valve series has always been the main business of the company s foreign trade. The products are exported to Europe and America, and have been recognized by overseas customers with high precision and excellent quality.

At the strong request of domestic dealers, the company also sees the huge potential of the domestic market. Now the company has put all the bronze valve series products on the domestic market, vigorously supporting the development of its domestic trade business!

Bronze valve series products have more than ten manufacturing processes in the company, which are made of sand casting. Bronze valves have always been known for their strong corrosion resistance, good castability, wear resistance and chemical stability.

I believe that the listing of bronze valve series products in the domestic market will set off a whirlwind, win customers and bring greater returns to the company!

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